Why you should NOT get a Chow Chow

Woof. Look at that dog, that face when their tongues stick out, the way they lick your face ugh the slimy drool all over you, the way their eyes meet yours… Dogs are the worst pets ever. I tell you. You do not want a dog. AT ALL. Especially, Chow Chows. Where do I even begin?? I mean look at how ugly they are. They look like some real-life teddy bear with huge paws, a lion’s mane, and a weird blue tongue!! Why do they look like that??? I can’t stand looking at their face, acting cute and all. It’s so annoying, I want to punch their face.

All you need are five reasons to NOT own a Chow.


Training them is never a piece of cake. They think they’re better than me? Well, guess what, yeah. And if you think you’re worth their time and effort… think again. Don’t even waste your energy commanding them, you’re just gonna end up getting stressed with veins appearing on your neck from calling, um no, SHOUTING, their names.

Get back here and LOOOOVE me!!!!!

They are strong and independent, and they need no one to boss them around. They think they’re some King of the Jungle!!! Don’t think of even giving them cute pet names because sorry to burst your bubble, they’ll never come to you. Ever.


Their stubbornness is not the only problem here. They can be sneaky clever! One time, I had to let my Chow stay in her cage just to be greeted by her at our living room. Well, no one told me that my Chow was some kind of Houdini because I did not sign up for this.

“Your Chow needs to know that you are the boss in the household.” – The Spruce 

“The Chow is very intelligent but not always easy to train. They don’t have the strong desire to please their masters. They seem to please themselves first and don’t respond to the average methods of training and motivation. He’s an independent thinker and will make his own decisions if you don’t stay a step ahead of him! The Chow is a powerful, regal, beautiful animal and he knows it. He expects to be treated with dignity and respect that he will return if you show you’re worthy of it. The strong-willed Chow needs an equally strong-willed owner. ” –  Dog Owner’s Guide 


They are so clingy, they will never leave you. Once it’s established that you’re the master, you will never shake that off. They have no sense of personal space. I have a life too! They follow you around. Don’t even think of having privacy when using the bathroom, because with Chows, they stick closer than your own skin.

“Hello there, my human”

The Chow tends to be a one-person dog, focusing its loyalties on the main owner.“- The Spruce

“I’ve owned German Shepherds, another very fine and beautiful breed of dog; I’ve owned Labradors, an exceedingly friendly breed of dog; but only the Chow dog has ever proved to me that he is so utterly and completely devoted to me and my well being that he’d even had the foreknowledge to check blind corners before I get to them” Wesman Todd Shaw


Their being too loyal is not the only problem because they can be so overprotective. I can’t have a nice conversation with a stranger because they’d bark at them and make sure I never leave their sight. I’m a grown up and I can talk to strangers!! Who are they, my mother??

They’re protective AND territorial. They’re supposed to be pets, not bodyguards! But no… I can’t open my house to just anyone because they’d bark the life out of those people.

Guess what, they’re even willing to fight for my life. Excuse me, Chow, I don’t need your help. I can do my own Ka-chow, thank you very much.

“Possibly because of the role of their early ancestors most Chows are excellent guard dogs only barking when there is something to bark at. They are particularly protective of their owners and ‘their’ children.” – Chow Chow Breed Council

“Chows are an aggressive breed, fiercely protective of their people and property and should only be adopted by experienced dog owners who have the time and energy to devote to proper training and socialization.” – PetWave

“Chows naturally suspicious of strangers and very territorial. They take their homes and family very seriously as well as their responsibility to protect what they love. On his own property and especially without his owner present, the Chow can appear to be quite fierce. He will seldom let a stranger pass unchallenged. People used to the warm welcomes of other breeds are unprepared for the seriousness of the Chow; guests must be greeted by the owners before the dog accepts them.” – Dog Owner’s Guide 


They’re too cute, it’s annoying!!! They’re even killing me with their fluffiness. I can’t take it anymore!!!




Nuff said. I rest my case.


Matilda aka “Mimay” & Maximillian aka “Max”

I’ve had it! They are too cute!!

You do realize that I’m being sarcastic, right? Hey, I LOVE DOGS!!!!!! And I love my Chows.


CIT-U Esports Experience


I’ve been playing Counter Strike since elementary and up until now, I’m still playing the game nearly on a daily basis from its first version, CS 1.0  and up to the latest, CSGO(Counter Strike: Global Offensive). Back when CSGO was not yet released, I have only played the game against AI bots, local friends or with my brother. I tried using the laptop’s trackpad because I didn’t have my own mouse at that time, which was hard but I managed to play the game for more than 12-20 hrs a day against AI bots. Basically,  I haven’t played against real people before so I’m still far to be called a great CS player.

I got bored of the game because I’m only against bots, what’s the thrill in that? But then I heard about the news that the latest Counter Strike, which is CSGO, will be released and I…

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Tired of waiting for the right one?

Give up and Settle

           Are you currently experiencing an unrequited love? had met someone that has a mutual understanding with you but didn’t work in the end? Tired of waiting for the right one? Well with giveupandsettle.com, that can all end today! To explain further how, let us see the presentation of my friend Ryan Higa for the site.

(best viewed with subtitles! click the CC button in the youtube video to get subtitles)

So what are you waiting for? go visit the site now and maybe today you can meet your true love! Give up and Settle~

Here are some pictures of our satisfied visitors! ^_^ :

(Peace po ani m/ AHHAHHAHAHA)

special thanks and © to: Youtuber Ryan Higa for the vid and idea. Support him by subscribing. Also to our satisfied customers for their pictures! and to the site giveupandsettle.com, visit them…

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Triggering moments sa jeep

Jeepney Moments

Kasuway naba mo nga samtang nagbyahe, masurprise lang ka ug kalit tungod kay naay nahitabo?  Naa gyu’y panahon nga samtang magsakay ta sa jeep, di nato malikayan nga naay mahitabo nga maka irita/gigil or maka triggered nato.

Mao kini ang mga triggering moments sa jeep.

Matumban imong new shoes – Kana ganing bag-o kag sapatos, mag tagbaw gyud ka’g amping ana pero di man gyud malikayan nga musakay gyud ta’g jeep. Nya nig sakay nimo naay pasahero nga makatunob sa imong shoes…….
Image result for rage saitama
Mayta mangayo siya’g sorry nig human ba pero naay uban di gyud. Mura’g way nahitabo. “Te/Kyah mas importante pani sa imong kinabuhi!  , way sorry diha? Lami kayka tadtaron as in >:(”

Makalingkod ka sa lingkoranan nga naay ligid – Laina bitaw sa pamati ani. Basta maka timing ka ani duha ra gyud imong option.. maglingkod ka nga naka stretch tanan nimong tiil or magbikangkang pirmi. Hasol…

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How to make your WordPress blog posts visible to Search Engines

Helped me out 😀

BlogPad Pro

Wondering why your WordPress blog isn’t getting any traffic? This is a really simple and effective way of boosting your blog traffic.

To get your blog posts indexed and showing up in search engines like Google go to your Web Dashboard: Settings > Reading and you will see your privacy settings. You can choose from:

  • Allow search engines to index this site.
  • Ask search engines not to index this site.
  • I would like my site to be private, visible only to users I choose

WordPress: How to make your blog posts visible to Search Engines

To get your posts indexed select ‘Allow search engines to index this site’ and get posting!

Remember it’s also really important to write original content and use tags wisely – tags are a great way of boosting traffic too!

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